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Cone Penetration Testing Equipment by Geomil - the original from Gouda

The Cone Penetration Test (CPT or CPTU), also known as Dutch Cone Peneration Test, is the most efficient and accepted in situ test method for soil investigation worldwide.

Geomil Equipment develops, designs and manufactures technology and tools focusing on CPT(U) equipment and related direct push applications for geotechnical site investigation.

Looking back on a 75 years period of production and experience, we serve and supply our global clients for on-shore and off-shore needs.
Ranging from high precision measuring probes over innovative data acquisition and software applications to light weight stand-alone or self propelled rigs and fully ballasted pushing units of the latest technology, Geomil equipment guarantees for your success.

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For any additional information, product or project request you can contact the Geomil main office or one of our representatives in your neighborhood.


On Mon 13 and Tue 14 october, the often demanded course on the practical use of CPT(U), technical background information and system solutions will be held in English language at Geomil Equipment in Moordrecht. The number of...[more]


In order to serve our clients the best and swiftest way possible, Geomil introduced the „Optimum Service Advice“ form that should be used when returning items to Geomil for repair, calibration, modification or...[more]