Wireless CPT system

Latest in CPT data transfer technology

CPT data transmission system

Latest in CPT data transfer technology

The Geomil wireless system replaces traditional cables with wireless repeaters housed within the CPT tubes. The absence of wires reduces the time taken to add and remove tubes as well as making it far more efficient to deploy casing. The lack of cables also has ergonomic and safety benefits by removing the need to handle the cable and allowing two hands for the tube handling.

The key part of the wireless system is the Gateway which receives the data from the last Parrot in the string in real time during the test. The Gateway also charges the Parrots and updates the firmware when required. From the Gateway the data is sent to the current Geomil data acquisition system, the GME-700.

The wireless system is built as a stand-alone add-on, which simply replaces the CPT cable without the need for special cones or data acquisition systems. This allows existing users of Geomil's CPT system and Geotechnical Sensor Network (GSN) to easily and economically upgrade to a wireless transmission method.

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