Clamps for Push, Pull and Catching

Clamps for Push, Pull and Catching

Clamps for Push, Pull and Catching

Security for rod strings

Geomil manufactures clamps for pushing, pulling and for securing the remaining rod string during the pulling process.

The Push/Pull Clamp-3655 allows automatic pushing and pulling of both tube (36mm) and casing tubes (55mm). The clamp is equipped with specially tempered clamping blocks ensuring non slipping operation and a long lifetime.

Switching from CPT tubes to casing tubes or vice versa takes only seconds, making the clamp very suitable for operations where flexibility is required.

For users of 44mm tubes, a special version of the inner parts for clamp 3655 is available.

Pulling Clamp Type 36 evolved as a result of some key collaboration between Geomil engineers and some of our partnering customers seeking to fulfil a more efficient pulling clamping system. A need for high productivity as well as sufficient pulling force was required and the Type 36 fulfilled these needs as well as avoiding jamming and damaging the tubes.

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