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Down-hole CPT system

The Geomil Equipment Wasp is the next step to gather data from conventional boreholes. The Wasp forms a basic and robust yet easy to use versatile Cone Penetration Testing (CPTu) system for downhole use. It is designed to gather more information and accurate data from one and the same borehole. Easy to be combined with several existing drilling methods as a cost effective add-on.

In the standard version the Wasp system can be deployed as add-on drilling tool up to 50 m depth.

With the Wasp segmental CPT and soil sampling can be conducted intermittently. After completion of a CPT or soil sampling, drilling can be advanced to the next test depth, where the probing/sampling cycle can continue until final investigation depth is reached.
The real-time data provide digital accurate information from a conventional borehole.

The Wasp ensures high efficiency and repeatable quality of test results, and provides an extra dimension of service. The maximum thrust force depends on the capability of the applied drilling system.

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