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Onshore Down-hole CPT & Soil Sampling System

The Geomil Equipment Oryx-125 is a unique, versatile and fully integrated onshore Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) probing and sampling system for downhole use. It is designed to be combined with core barrel drilling methods as a cost effective add-on.

The standard version of the Oryx-125 system is designed for depths up to 200 m and is available for various drill pipe systems. The Oryx-125 is deployed as a wire line tool.

With the Oryx-125 CPT and soil sampling can be conducted intermittently over desired sections. Upon completion of a CPT or soil sampling, drilling can be continued to the next test depth where the probing/sampling cycle is repeated until the final investigation depth is reached subsequently.
The CPT data are memorized inside the Oryx tool and can be read once the Oryx-125 has been retrieved to surface with the spear head fishing tool.
The Oryx-125 ensures high efficiency and repeatable quality of test results up to a maximum thrust force of 125 kN.

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