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Offshore / onshore Down-the-hole CPT & soil sampling system

The standard version of the Orca-125 system is designed for depths up to 1 200 m and is available for various drill systems and can be deployed for either wire line or umbilical operation.

The Orca-125 system consists of three separate down-the-hole tools:

Orca-CPT Tool
The Orca-CPT Tool is able to perform downhole CPT’s at a maximum thrust force of 125 kN. Two cone sizes are available, a 10 cm² cone version and a downscaled 5 cm² cone version. The latter allows for greater penetration force per cm². The Orca-CPT Tool is available with stroke lengths of 1.50 and 3.00 m.

Orca-PST Piston Sampler
The Orca-PST Piston Sampler allows undisturbed in-situ soil samples in soft ground conditions (Ø 3” or Ø100 mm, L = 1 m) to be obtained.

Orca-PSH Push Sampler
The Orca-PSH Push Sampler is suitable for soil and sediment (Ø3” or Ø100 mm, L = 1 m).

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