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Mechanical CPT

Complete mechanical CPT system

A complete mechanical CPT system consists of:

  • mechanical cone, which can be either a jacket cone (see right), used to measure the cone resistance and the total resistance
  • friction jacket cone (Begemann cone) applied to obtain the cone resistance, the local sleeve friction and the total resistance
  • sounding tubes with inner rods to transfer the reaction forces to the surface
  • hydraulic measuring head with 2 dial gauges, for low and high measuring range, displaying the applied forces in kN. The low range gauge is protected by means of an overload valve
  • pulling clamp, designed to withstand a maximum pulling force of 260 kN without damaging the tubes, to retrieve the cone, tubes and inner rods after completion of the test (see right). Does not require any action of the operator during the pulling process

As a standard, the test results are listed manually by the CPT operator. As a more advanced option, the measuring values can be recorded automatically.


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