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Trailer mounted CPT system

The Geomil Equipment Husky-200 is a trailer mounted Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) system, providing a high quality design with simple operating features. The Husky is an affordable solution and aimed at operators that frequently need to conduct CPT’s.

Its flexibility is one of the key elements to select the Husky-200. The easy to haul trailer can be used in almost any terrain, but the complete unit can also be applied for nearshore testing off a barge.

Lifting eyes on the trailer and the push frame underline the multipurpose character, as it allows simple yet safe lifting, transport and securing of the complete system.

The working platform creates a convenient working environment for the operator with all controls, data acquisition system and necessary tooling within sight and reach.

Typically, the Husky-200 will be used with 4 ground anchors in order to obtain sufficient reaction force for the CPT to be conducted. The position of the push frame close to the centre of gravity will contribute to the total reaction force available, and as such increase the total thrust that can be accomplished.

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