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Electrical Vane Tester GVT-100

PLC Controlled Device

The GVT-100 is a sophisticated PLC controlled device with a high precision torque sensor. overcomes the limitations of other vane testers and has accurate on torque and rotational speed measurement.

Upon completion of the un‐drained shear test, a remould test can be easily initiated. Just the stroke of a key on the PLC will set the vane 5 revolutions at max. speed. To prevent vane damages the max. torque is then limited to 50%. After the remould, the system will log the residual shear strength at the pre-set rotation speed.

The GVT-100 is optimized for CPT tubes as turning rods (with or without casing tubes as outer casing). The GVT-100 comes with three standard rectangular vane types (70mm x 35mm, 100mm x 50mm and 150mm x 75mm), the respective vane constants being default values in the logging spread sheet.

Other vane dimensions can also be used and the corresponding vane constants added.


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