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D-cone CPT (U)

Digital CPT Cone and Geotechnical Sensor Network (GSN)

The digital D-Cone series represents Geomil Equipment’s latest innovation in Cone Penetration Testing (CPT). The D-Cone is part of the newly developed Geotechnical Sensor Network (GSN).

High quality load cells and high precision calibration at Geomil ensure all digital cones comply to EN ISO 22476‐1 standards. Standard measuring ranges are 100 or 50 MPa for qc and 1 or 0.5 MPa for fs. Other ranges or combinations can be realised within the physical limitations of the desired cone type and size.

The newly developed GSN uses a digital communication protocol, GeoBUS, and a new data acquisition system, GME-700, for all types of sensors. Measuring data and calibration files are stored within the D-cone itself.


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