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The original from Gouda

Geomil Equipment both develops and produces machinery in the soil investigation segment for over 80 years (since 1932) and is specialized in Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) equipment. We are proud to be the originator of the CPT technology, which has since become the leading standard in the geotechnical world around the globe. In our headquarters located in Moordrecht, in the vicinity of Gouda, Geomil develops and produces both on- and offshore CPT equipment. This equipment varies from cones to complete data aquisition systems and from stand-alone penetrometers to heavy duty CPT units. Our equipment can be found at projects all over the world.

What does Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) mean?


The Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) is a test method in which a measuring cone (either mechanical, electrical or digital) attached to a series of rods is being pushed into the soil with a constant speed in order to gain geotechnical information regarding the soil- types an structures present at the testing location. Developed in the Netherlands it’s also been called the “Dutch cone test”. Today, the CPT is one of the most used and accepted soil methods for soil investigation worldwide. By pushing the cone into the soil, important parameters such as the cone resistance, sleeve friction and, if necessary, the pore water pressure are measured. This information is being used by civil engineers to determine whether the soil has enough strength or what has to be done to increase this strength before construction, in any form, can take place. Other measured data can include bomb detection and soil contaminations.

Different circumstances, ask for different products

Due to the often different circumstances, present at the specific CPT locations, one standardized piece of equipment is not sufficient. From high temperature dessert conditions, difficult to reach basements, swampy meadows to the depths of the Atlantic ocean. To be able to conduct CPT in all conditions, a wide range of equipment is developed and produced by Geomil. At our products  webpage, you can find the wide range of our innovative systems.

We have an enthusiastic team that is looking forward to make the difference for you. Our engineering staff can tailor our top class products to meet your specific requirements. With our lengthy and unmatched expertise in CPT equipment, we can support your business as no other can. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss and see what we can do for you.

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