Concerning the service toward our clients, we have a dedicated team of people to assist and advice you. No matter what question you do have please ask it our experts and they might be able with just a few guiding tips to clarify your question to you and your team. We do try to help you efficient and as realistically as we see possible. Because we understand how important this service aspect is to our wide range of clients, we extend all efforts to improve this core part of our business with every step we make.


Would you have issues with CPT equipment and you wonder if we can help please contact us and we will surly make an effort to support you. With the original Geomil equipment from Gouda, we are the experts and have all knowledge, for other less known brands or equipment we do our utmost to assist and help you further.

Please do not hesitate to contact our service people for advice at or call them directly at +31 172 427 800.


Keep in mind that we also provide customized products and services to meet your specific needs. For more information feel free to fill in the contact form or contact one of our sales representatives or call us at +31 172 427 800.